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January 2008 - Download (PDF 2.3M) a copy of the article Permission to Paint about my digital painting in Pro Photo West Magazine. This is the Western States Convention issue too!!! Cool.


January 2007 - Be sure to visit the Portrait Section of the web site for digitally painted portraits in the style of the Impressionists. Each image is hand painted using Corel Painter and custom made digital brushes. This technique is also used for fine art prints.


July 4, 2006 - Pyro Spectaculars sure knows how to put on an unbelievable fireworks display. I was lucky enough to have camera one position for the biggest fireworks display west of the Mississippi River on the Fourth of July this year. AmericaFest™ is presented at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Fun, food, concerts by the Pasadena Pops Orchestra, and then a grand fireworks display set to exciting patriotic and contemporary music, with video and narration.

This year there were the most exciting fireworks that I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of fireworks. As you will see from the photos, there was always a lot of color in the sky, and beautifully designed scenes that made my job a piece of cake.

See what the best looks like - Once you click a thumbnail, the browser opens up in a slideshow, you can pause and restart with the || (pause/resume) button. You may want to go full screen.


January 31, 2006 - Just back from Imaging USA in Austin, TX. Fantastic workshops by several masters in their fields. Highlight had to be the presentation by Phillip Stewart Charis. Mr. Charis is master of the modern formal portrait. It was inspiring to see his beautiful works on stage and hear his words about the development of digital photography. I share many of his feelings about the gain photographers have made in control of their workflow with the recent developments in digital imaging. Maestro! For a quick sample of my recent portraits just click here.

July 21, 2005 - On a project in Northern California, and the result is these wonderful fireworks images. It is wonderful to find a production of high quality fireworks presented to the audience in such a creative way. Thanks to the artists who created this amazing display of pyrotechnics. You can find the collection here

California Fireworks

May 15, 2005 - I attended an environmental conference in San Diego for three days this week, and it was great to get out of the air conditioning and into the sunshine and sea breeze. This Thursday signaled the beginning of summer with warm temperatures and beautiful clear southern California skies. My family and I did have time to enjoy some great food in Pacific Beach, as well as this inspiring and romantic sunset.You can find Sunset Beach Stroll in Landscapes.

Thumbnail image of couple walking on beach at sunset. Click to go to larger image.

April 17, 2005 - I had a chance on Saturday to open up the Canon and clean the sensor, which needed to be done in the worst way. Sunday, I was anxious to shoot some sky without fear of the evil sensor dust. So I decided to explore the Sepulveda Wildlife Refuge and surrounding park area to look for birds. I was not disappointed. Herons were especially active repairing their nests and watching over their nestlings. I have placed Great Blue Heron in Flight in Landscapes.

Thumbnail picture of Great Blue Heron in Flight. Click to go to larger image

April 10, 2005 - This weekend I explored The Hollywood Hills, Griffith Park and my backyard. Several critters wanted to pose for me, and an unexpected theme developed: The Animal Perspective. From high in the hills, a blackbird soars below. If you have ever dreamed of soaring like a bird in flight, I think you'll enjoy Eye of the Blackbird.* I also came upon a pair of white horses in the hills overlooking the city. They seemed very out of their element, but one was enchanted living in a Corral with View. A Red Tail Hawk surveys his territory from the top of a Sycamore tree in Griffith Park. Then, from my own backyard, Hummingbird Brush rounds out the critters, and Bottlebrush blooms begin to decorate the south wall. The new photos are in Landscapes.

*Note: This title is borrowed from a line in one of my favorite poems: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird by Wallace Stevens. Stevens was the Vice President and General Counsel for The Hartford Insurance Company who became one of the great American poets writing nights and weekends.

Thimbnail picture of Redtail Hawk perched in treetop. Click to go to larger image.

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Thumbnail picture of the moon over Santa Monica Bay. Click to hyperlink to the Landscape Gallery.

Thumbnail of Through the Shopping Glass abstract photo, click to visit gallery


There is no time like early morning to make art. In fact, sometimes the best art happens just before the time when you expect it. For me, a little insomnia comes in handy. I just can't sleep knowing that the moon will soon be setting over the Pacific. It makes it much easier to get going and arrive at the location before the scene becomes perfect. Of course, morning isn't the only time to find a great landscape, but waking up at 3:00 am sure gives you a head start.

This gallery starts at one of my favorite locations overlooking Santa Monica Bay from the Palisades of Southern California. The first shot was about an hour before sunrise and 2 hours before moonset, followed by a shot of the Sun's first rays painting the Palisades. Then we're off to Lake Balboa Park in Encino, California for another early morning visit. Compare the feel of the warm sunrise with the bone-aching cold of a winter walk realized in the painted photo. Where next? Off to Claremont for early evening and night photography of this quaint Southern California Town. Also, you'll find some critter photos here.

Descanso Gardens


Spring is in full bloom at Descanso Gardens, 160 acres of breathtaking nature in La Canada Flintridge, California. The gardens are filled with camellias, iris, lilacs, cherry blossoms, and daffodils, not to mention the impressive oak forest.

This visit was to capture the cornucopia of color on the opening day of the Spring Bloom. Making art is truly fun with beautiful models like these fair subjects.

California Golden Poppy


The 2005 rainy season has left its mark on the California deserts. Heavy rainfalls followed by unseasonably warm sunny days have produced an extraordinary crop of wildflowers that are exploding in color throughout the Mojave Desert.

This expedition was to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, about 18 miles west of Lancaster, to photograph the California Golden Poppy and a few of its friends.

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